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RIP: Prince of All Cosmos doodle

“Fuck everyone!
But fuck you the most!
With a big rusty pole or a splintery post
Fuck you the most, FUCK YOU!”

—Reel Big Fish, “Another F. U. Song”

For those who have been following, the title and image of this blog is based on a Katamari Damacy doodle I drew at work to cheer myself up and a co-worker, who we shall call “Karen”, was throwing away my little inspirational doodles that I had saved up and put up on the back of my work counter. I had even found the Katamari doodle in the trash.

I decided to have a clear bag labeled “FOR ORDERS” for the photos customers wanted on edible image cakes and stuck the Katamari doodle as a place holder. And that actually worked…for a few weeks.

I just got back to work after not being there a week. I had four days off in a row because work drastically cut hours and I had asked for a couple days off. Then I got sick. My lungs felt like fire and I couldn’t sleep at night, which made me miserable. I think being miserable also triggered my anxiety and depression. Ugh, it was awful.

So I come back today. I’m not feeling the greatest mentally and I know I’m going to be walking into some sort of mine field after being gone for a week, but dammit I’m going to do my best just like my little doodle tells me to…

…and it’s gone. Not just the doodle, but the entire bag. My other cake decorator swears it was there when she left on Monday. I can’t prove it because I haven’t been here the last week, but I’d bet my job Karen threw it away like she did last time.



Yeah, its a dumb little doodle, but its a dumb little doodle that helps make my day better. There have been those bad days where it feels like my meds aren’t working, I didn’t get enough sleep, and I’m overwhelmed with work and catching sight of that dumb little doodle has reminded me that things are going to be okay. Yeah, I can easily whip up another one, but I shouldn’t have to because of some Super King Kamehameha Bitch who thinks she’s still a manager of a fast food joint rather than a low level corporate pawn like the rest of us inconsiderately throwing it away much like the coffee she dumps down my sink without cleaning it up.

So RIP Prince of All Cosmos doodle. And fuck you, Karen.

RIP inspirational Katamari doodle.

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