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Amplified Side Effects

Despite having some of the coldest winters, Wisconsin summers are fucking brutal. If you don’t have air conditioning in your house, prepare to be miserable for a good three months. The average person who lives here automatically runs the risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sunburn if they’re not careful.

One thing I didn’t know when starting a medication regimen for depression and anxiety is that those meds can make you heat sensitive. They always go over side effects like suicidal thoughts or worsening depression, but not if you’re more at risk for overheating, which would be important to know if you live in a place that gets hot and humid like Satan’s sweaty balls and you’re a casual goth that dresses in dark clothes year round regardless of the temperature.

Recently, I got on a sleeping medication that is technically an antihistamine, but has helped insomniacs due to its drowsiness properties. Honestly, it’s been kind of a crapshoot in terms of helping me sleep, but at least I can maybe get some sleep without waking up with the medicated drunkenness like the Trazodone was. One thing that has been fairly consistent with this medication is that it dries me the fuck out, which is common for this kind of medication. My mouth feels like a dried out sponge. I didn’t take into consideration that it would react with my other medication that makes me heat sensitive and create this dehydrating fusion.

On top of this, there are times it’s so busy at work that I’m non-stop cashiering without any sort of lull right up until I’m relieved for a break and it can be hard to remember to take a sip of water when your line is backed up to the clothes section for two hours straight. Plus, I tend to forget to get water so I can stay hydrated and I can’t leave my register to go get water if I constantly have people with a large amount of groceries waiting to get checked out. Not to mention that anxiety issues can make my heart race in high stress situations even when I’m handling it quite well.

Guess who ended up having to go home because they were getting the first signs of heat exhaustion?

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