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Driver’s Test: Attempt 2

This week was my second attempt at the driver’s test.

I was anxious about the possibility of failing a second time. It didn’t help that my husband and I got into an argument right before the test because he decided that the most appropriate time to gripe to me about his work and whatever grievances he has with our shitty neighbors was when I was driving trying to prep myself before this test. (He did apologize when we got to the DMV upon realizing he was in the wrong for bringing it up at that time).

I get to the DMV with a lack of confidence in my driving abilities and the conviction that I will fail. I felt that I was not only going to disappoint myself, but my friends and family that believe I can get my license.

I had a different person doing my road test this time—a man with a radio announcer voice who was filling in for someone that was on vacation. He complimented my yellow Route 66 PT Cruiser while we were checking that the blinkers and lights worked. 

“You have any questions?”

“Nope! Just nervous as Hell!”

“I have one rule and that’s no one is allowed to be nervous during their road test,” he said, jokingly.

His instructions were clear and precise just as they were last time. I tried to check my blind spots to the best of my ability and I sure as Hell didn’t cut through the parking lot like I stupidly did last time. I could hear his pen constantly flicking away on his clipboard and I was sure it was a sign I was screwing up royally. We get done and back to the DMV in about 20 minutes.

“So…how did I do?”

“Well, I can’t tell you until we get inside.”

Strange. I thought. The lady from last week tallied the test in the car and went over what went wrong. Maybe he just does things differently.

We step out of the car and my husband is walking outside to greet us. I explain that he won’t tell me until we’re inside. What I didn’t know is that the road tester tailing a few steps behind was signaling a thumbs-up to my husband.

He tallied the points once we were inside. Despite my anxiety, much to my surprise, I had somehow managed to pass my road test and get my driver’s license. Even more shocking was that I only got 10 points–last time it was 30.

It may have taken me until I was 34, but I finally have a driver’s license.

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