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Sweet Vengeance

Last year, I was booted from the cake decorating position I had been in for seven years supposedly due to a poor job performance. I wrote about not having any sympathy for the problems my old department had in the month or so following my forced departure.

Soon after writing that post, I kept getting called over back to bakery to help out with cake orders when the cake decorator called in or they didn’t have anybody to cover a lunch in deli. I found it incredibly degrading and insulting that the department that thought I wasn’t good enough to keep around thought I was good enough to save their asses, but felt I had no say in the matter. I eventually told a manager my feelings and they agreed it was inappropriate of the department to expect me to help them out when they didn’t want me there. It got to a point where the department had to be told I would go to HR if they tried pulling me again. 

About six months after I had been forced out of my cake decorating position, I discovered a bombshell: Management had been completely unaware of the fact that my department manager never had a conversation with me about the supposed stocking issues prior to being pulled into the office for my demotion. They were under the assumption that a conversation happened and then the issues continued. When I was in the office I felt like I was being set up and I should have filed something with HR, but I had figured it wasn’t worth it with three managers feeling like it was best to demote me. Now that I know that two of the managers weren’t aware that the third manager (the department manager) didn’t have the decency to inform me that there were issues before being pulled into the office, I wish I had gone to HR. I’m not sure if there were actually stocking issues or I was the one who took the fall for issues that weren’t previously addressed to me.

Regardless of what actually happened, my former department manager’s decision to boot me from the bakery would bite him in the ass. They ended up losing a few regular customers because I had established long relationships with my work. People who are not aware of the circumstances of my transfer to front end have personally told me that ever since I “left” the quality of the cake decorating has drastically gone down. There were three cake decorators at one point and none of them could decorate as well as I could. Being on the front end means that occasionally I have had to direct customer complaints about cakes that they ordered that were decorated so poorly that they were either heavily discounted or given away for free. We did have to discount cakes from time to time when I was back there, but normally it was because someone wrote the order completely wrong and there wasn’t enough time to make another one rather than a shoddy decorating job. I was appalled when a customer brought up a cake she was unhappy with because it was not only poorly decorated, but the edible image didn’t cover the whole half sheet and they told her they could only do quarter sheet sized images—which was complete bullshit since the computer program can print out larger sizes across multiple sheets.

One of the worst offenders happened shortly after my transfer with one of my replacements who actually did have better skills than the others. She thought it was appropriate to take an order from a friend of hers for a dick shaped cake—yes, a dick cake. I was still largely doing Covid-related door duty and a couple coworkers who weren’t aware I recently left bakery asked me about it. Apparently, customers saw this supposedly realistic looking dick cake (with veins and cupcakes for the balls) being carted around the store. I’m pretty sure she got fired over the fiasco it caused.

I only write any of this because I found out a few days ago that my old department manager—the one that was instrumental in my demotion—had asked one of my managers if he could have me back. My manager said “It would be up to her” knowing full well that I’d rather scoop my eyes out with a melon baller than to go back to bakery, which I suspect my old manager also knows considering he didn’t ask me personally.

I cackled when I learned this. If he hadn’t plotted to get rid of me, he’d still have a cake decorator who knows what they are doing because I would have likely stayed in that miserable department with only the occasional allowance of cake creativity to keep me going. Instead he’s stuck with several cake decorators who just get by at best and constantly make mistakes that cost the department profits at worst. I was satisfied just knowing that everything in cake decorating went to shit ever since I was transferred out and the person I trained that was good at it left. Knowing that my old manager tried to ask for me back is the biggest indication that he knows he fucked up.

And I have to admit… it feels glorious.

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